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Bentley continental GT

Bentley Continental GT is a 2+2 grand touring Coupe, which was launched in the year 2003 and comes in two door designs. It replaced the Rolls Royce based Continental R and Continental T. It is employed with a 6 liter twin turbocharged W12 engine, which produces 552 bhp and a 198 mph. Bentley Continental GT was designed by the Belgian stylist Dirk Van Braeckel. It is built on the platform of the Volkswagen Group D1s. It also shares many technical elements with the Volkswagen Phaeton.

The Continental flying Spur Saloon with six doors was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in the year 2005. The Flying Spur uses many of the technical underpinnings used by the Bentley Continental GT. In the summer season of the year 2005 Flying Spur was introduced to the markets of North America and Europe. Flying Spur and Continental GT together have boosted the Bentley’s annual income from 1000 units in the year 2003 to 9,200 units in the year 2006.

One important aspect of the model Continental Flying Spur is the grille of it. It is made to look like the traditional chromed mesh made with Brass, but was actually made with plastic. The plastic grille was considered as a safety feature. It is designed in order to break upon an impact with a pedestrian.

Continental GTC, which is a convertible version of Continental GT, was first launched in the month of September, in the year 2005. It was introduced to many world markets in the autumn season of the year 2006. Along with the second generation of Azure, it is the second convertible of Bentley, which was released in the year 2005. The roof of the car is produced by the Karmann, which is in Osnabruck, Germany.

In the year 2007, on August 1st, Bentley released the details of the more powerful GT. Power of the car is increased to 603 bhp. It has a top speed of 202 mph, and an acceleration time of 4.3 seconds to speed up from 0 to 60 mph. There is also reduction in the weight of the vehicle by about 35kg. There are some minor changes in the exterior, which included larger exhaust pipes and tinted front grille. The price of this model was decided as 137,000 pounds. Officially Continental GT is the only product of Bentley, which has the capability of reaching top speed of 202mph.

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